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7 Best Tips to Beautify Your Wall Decoration

Wall Decoration is the backbone of any house. Seeing walls at your home makes your mood happy. Walls are considered one of the most noticeable parts of any house. There are many ways that enable you to decorate your walls.
You can easily personalize the walls of your home according to your likes and preferences. There are millions of unique ideas that you can use to decorate your walls. Your walls must look in such a way that soothes your house and makes you feel better. If you got bored looking at your older walls or looking to decorate the walls of your new house. 
No matter if you don’t know how to amplify your walls. We are here with the 7 best tips and tricks to decorate your walls. Using these tips you can boost up the looks of the walls in your home. Wall decoration is a main element when you are going to beautify your house.

7 Effective Wall Decoration Tips

Use Large Paintings: 

For decorating walls of your room or living area, you can cover them with larger wall arts. Wall arts consist of different paintings that are larger in size. Larger paintings can easily cover a big portion of your house wall and make it look fantastic. 
You can choose a vibrant color artwork for decorating the walls of your bedroom or living area. In order to enhance the look, you can place these paintings on the back side of your bed. For the living room, you can place it on the wall behind your sofa. You can select your desired painting from several artworks available at a pocket-friendly rate on different online platforms.
If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your home without having to do any work yourself, large paintings are a great option. Not only are they visually appealing, but they can also add a lot of sound insulation to a room. If you’re concerned about painting your walls yourself, choose a professional painter like Bigwig Painting who will be able to do a great job with even big paintings.

Decorate Your Wall with Ceramic Tiles

Nowadays a new trend is also going on for wall decoration using ceramic wall tiles. These tiles are handmade using ceramic. There are also some other wall decor tiles like Blue pottery tiles. Ceramic tiles are multipurpose tiles. 
You can use ceramic bathroom tiles even for your bathroom walls. The use of Blue pottery tiles is to decorate your bedrooms or living rooms and Ceramic tiles for bathroom walls.

Make it a Gallery Wall: 

Make an empty wall as a gallery. You all know about the gallery. The gallery wall consists of a lot of paintings, Pictures, and different wall arts. The gallery wall makes your home look highly interesting. If you have made a gallery wall in your living room then it will be the center of attraction for all your guests. 
On the gallery wall, you can place your older and recent memories, Attractive paintings, and can also use wall hangings. You should use simple or antique frames to hang your paintings or pictures on the gallery wall. This will enhance the looks of your house.

Use Wall plates to decorate walls: 

The use of Ceramic plates is to decorate your walls. These plates are like the paintings. These hanging wall plates look like small artworks for the walls of your kitchen or living room. 
Such Decorative Wall Plates attract all your guests to the wall. There is a wide range of collections available in the market for ceramic wall plates. You can choose according to your interior and wall paint. 

Install Shelves: 

For decorating your walls you can also add shelves to them. These shelves can easily store books, showpieces, and other accessories. 
It depends on the place and the wall. If you are planning to install shelves in your room then you can choose bookshelves or shelves to hold different sculptures. If you are planning to install the shelves in your living area then you can opt for accessories or showpieces

Use Antique Wall Lamps: 

Wall lamps or sconces are basically used on the side tables. There are some modern sculptural lamps that look like antique lamps for your walls. You can choose antique wall lamps for the walls. 
These lamps will enhance the looks of your wall and make them eye catchy. You can choose these sconces instead of placing the table lamps at both the sides of your bed. Or you can also place them at the empty walls of your living area, kitchen, dining area etc.   

Use Texture Wall Art: 

Texture designs are trendy these days. These designs make your walls look like the walls with wallpapers. There are several texture designs available in the market, out of which you can choose your favourite one
These textures make your wall more attractive and designer. You can choose the texture designs that are made from soothing and dynamic colors. These textures will for sure attract all your visitors.


Designing your home includes a lot of effort with creative ideas. Walls are the main organ of any house’s interior. Decorating walls makes your house feel like heaven on the earth. If you are out of creative ideas to decorate the walls of your house. 
We are always there for you. In this article we have brought 7 different tips and tricks that will help you in designing and decorating  your house walls. These designs will soothe your eyes every time you have a look at your walls. 
These designs are mostly used by all the top interior designers. For making your home look fresh and highly attractive you can follow these design patterns.

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