How to Make the Most Out of a Tiny Kitchen

Tiny kitchens can be cute and cozy but, at the same time, a bit annoying. Depending on its layout, it might be difficult to fit certain items in it or be a comfortable space to entertain in. While these small areas have limitations, there are a few ways to adjust this. Here are some tips you can use to make the most of your tiny kitchen.

Use Roll-Out Drawers

Incorporating roll-out drawers is a unique option for making more space in your small kitchen. You insert these in regular cabinets or caddies to make accessing hard-to-reach areas easier. Their functionality is what makes them an essential piece for any tiny kitchen.

You’ll find plenty of pull out shelves in Gold River, CA options. You can choose from pre-made options to custom ones. If you have questions about them, contact your local dealer. They’ll be happy to chat with you and even schedule an appointment to understand better what you’re looking for.

Once you make your choice, most suppliers will come out and install the pieces for you. This way, you can be sure they’re appropriately inserted.

Get a Kitchen Island Cart

If you want a kitchen island but don’t have the space, consider getting a kitchen island cart. While smaller, it serves the same purpose but is moveable, so you can roll it around the room as needed.

While it features a small cutting board on top, many also have shelving beneath it so the piece can be used as storage. It’s a unique, versatile tool that’s a must for any compact space.

Rely on Light Colors

Lighter hues give the illusion of making your kitchen look bigger than it is. Opt for white and neutral hues if you wish to make your kitchen appear a bit larger. This is because they reflect light, making the room seem brighter and more spacious.

But remember that you can still add a pop of bold color, such as with your kitchen island cart. You just want to make sure the main areas (like walls, ceiling, and cabinets) showcase light colors. However, sometimes mixing up hues (like a light color wall and slightly darker ceiling) can actually make the room seem taller. The right hues will just depend on your preferences and how you want the room to appear.

To start, get color swatches and try matching them with the decor. Once you settle on a few, it might be ideal for getting paint samples so you can see how the hues will look without committing to one at once.

Rethink Handles

Sometimes clunky handles can take away from the kitchen’s looks. They can also make moving around in it tricky because clothes can catch on them.

Instead, opt for shelves and cabinets that don’t use them or that have indented handles. You’ll find that even details as small as these can make a surprising difference in how you navigate the space.

If you still prefer handles, consider getting minimalist-style ones. These tend to be smaller and thinner, which works well in tiny kitchens.

Use Corners and Windows

These are two often overlooked areas, but corners and windows are essential to utilize if you want to increase your kitchen space.

While you shouldn’t crowd things into these areas, think about what to place around them. For instance, if you have plants, consider putting them here. You might even get a small corner shelf and keep your kitchen utensils in it – you just have to think creatively.

Add Tucked-In Seating

Chairs can take up a lot of space. You can slide it under tables and countertops by incorporating tucked-in seating instead. This could be with a collapsible chair or benches. Because it won’t take up much space, you can also move the items around to various parts of your kitchen, making this option quite versatile.

Install Tiles

Using tiles throughout your kitchen can reflect light and add muted tones which in return help make the space seem bigger and more decorative. A tile backsplash can be a stunning focal point and come in various tones and styles, so you can pick something that matches your preferences. It will also add a slight texture, making your tiny kitchen appear dimensional.

Incorporate Small Details

While you don’t want to clutter your kitchen, adding various aesthetic pieces can bring it together. This ranges from plants to decorative plates. But make sure not to overdo it, as too much will crowd things up. You’ll want to opt for only a few but those that make a positive impact.

It might seem impossible to get much out of a tiny kitchen, but there’s potential. With these tips, you can easily make the most of it.

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