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Most Effective Ways to Go for in Vancouver for Rat Control

Rat Control

Rats are unwelcoming visitors for homeowners to see in Vancouver. Nevertheless, they keep infesting properties when they find their reasons to infest homes. In addition to causing property damage, rats also carry health risks for people on a property when they infest homes. It is important for homeowners to seek the most effective methods in Vancouver for rat control. Otherwise, rats will waste no time damaging their homes and transferring contagious diseases to people and pets in homes. Further, calling the professionals, such as Pesticon, is the best bet for homeowners to safely eradicate rats from their property.

Why Do Rats Infest Homes in Vancouver?

Firstly, rats are formidable pests to deal with because they live everywhere. Moreover, three things motivate rats to infest homes in Vancouver. Those things include food, water, and shelter. If your property can provide rats with food, water, and shelter, rats will infest your property. In addition, rats only need small entry points to enter a property. Thus, it is important that you seal any gaps on your property to deter rats from infesting it. Further, you can identify a rat infestation on your property while looking for certain signs.

Signs of a Rat Infestation in a Home

The following are sure-fire signs to identify a rat infestation in your home:

  • If you sense a strong ammonia smell or notice rustling, scratching, and squeaking sounds, it means rats are present on your property.
  • Small, dark, and pellet-shaped droppings in your home are also a surefire sign of a rat infestation.
  • You can identify a rat infestation while looking for a rat’s foot and tail marks on your property.
  • If you notice property damage, such as chewed electrical cords, gnawed furniture, etc., it also signifies a rat infestation.

Most Effective Ways for Rat Control in Homes

The following are the most effective ways in Vancouver for rat control in homes:

Trap the Intruders:

Rodenticides and harsh poisons are inhumane methods to control rats. Nevertheless, trapping is the most effective method to eliminate rats from homes. It is also a poison-free method to get rid of rats from your home. It is important that you place traps in high-activity areas with the right bait to control rats. You may use peanut butter, unsalted seeds, bananas, or apples as your rat bait. Further, it is in your best interest to contact professionals to set traps and eradicate rats from your property. 

Use Natural Deterrents:

Natural deterrents can also help you promptly eradicate rats from your home. Moreover, peppermint oil, cayenne pepper, black pepper, and cloves can help you in this regard. You should place your natural deterrents around your home exterior first to avert rats from entering your house. Also, place your natural deterrent near openings and holes on your property. It will also deter rats from your property.

Call a Pest Control Service:

You should immediately contact a pest control service when you notice a rat infestation in your home. Professionals can eradicate pests, such as rats, promptly and safely from your home while ensuring the safety of others.

Moreover, the following tips can help you keep rats at bay from your home exterior:

  1. Make sure your garden remains clean
  2. Call in the birds, such as owls and other birds of prey, while creating a suitable environment for them.
  3. Place dry ice at the entrance of your burrows to get rid of rats without poison.
  4. Use snap traps outside your home with a bait to attract, kill, and get rid of rats fast. 
  5. Count on professionals for rat control outside your home.


Rats are perturbing pests to deal with as they can cause property damage and transmit contagious diseases. For the same reason, people seek the best methods in Vancouver for pest control. Lastly, the following are the most effective ways to eradicate rats from homes in Vancouver:

  1. Trap the Intruders
  2. Use Natural Deterrents
  3. Call a Pest Control Service

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