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How to Clean a Fabric Sofa at Home

Sofa Cleaning

A fabric sofa is a fragile and delicate product, which, if dirty, must be cleaned with extreme care. Removing the stain is only half the battle, but you still need to know how to clean a fabric sofa without streaks. And if you want the result of the case to also, as they say, smell pleasant, then you need to carefully select cleaning products. Indeed, otherwise, you can, without even getting rid of the stain, spoil the appearance of the furniture and the unpleasant smell from chemistry, which will last for a very long time.

How to clean a fabric sofa at home

Cleaning a fabric-based sofa depends on what type of dirt has appeared on its base. For example, if we are talking about a felt-tip pen drawing that a child could leave, then the most gentle way to remove it would be hydrogen peroxide. This tool is suitable even for light surfaces, you can use it without worrying that white spots or a persistent unpleasant odour will appear on the sofa after self-cleaning.


How to proceed:

  • Wet the stain with hydrogen peroxide solution
  • Leave it for a while
  • To achieve a more effective result and remove even the slightest smell of peroxide, use household chemicals. For example, Vanish is suitable for you, which not only effectively copes with stains, but also guarantees a pleasant smell.

You can clean the upholstery of the sofa with a stain remover or bleach. In this case, it is important not to overdo it. To do this, carefully read the instructions for using a particular tool before using it. To make the substance less aggressive, you can make a light solution out of it by mixing it with cold water. If you are worried that the fabric base on your sofa will not withstand such manipulations, then do not rush to pour the product directly onto the stain. It is best to use a dry cloth to blot the stain.

How to clean stains on a fabric sofa

You can clean a fabric sofa from greasy stains even without the extreme need to use chemistry. A soap solution will help you with this. It is based on laundry soap. Leave this solution on the stain for 20-30 minutes, after which it must be thoroughly washed off with cold water to avoid streaks.


If you want to wash a high-quality fabric sofa, then a specialised stain remover or furniture shampoo will come in handy. But since these products are much more expensive than the usual improvised means, many still prefer simpler methods of dealing with stains.

How to clean fabric sofa upholstery

You can wash a fabric sofa with the help of products that are in your bathroom. You probably have the powder in the house. In this case, it is better to use pure powder, without bleach impurities. Ideal – powder for hand washing. Make a foamy mass out of it, then apply it to the stain and wait about 20 minutes. To perfectly remove traces of soap solution, you can use not only a cloth rag but also a vacuum cleaner with a soft nozzle.

If you want to save your time and effort, then it is better to use professional services for this. Steam cleaning of the sofa from urine provided by our company will get rid of pollution with a guarantee. You will not waste your time, and in the shortest possible time, you will receive your sofa as if it were just from the store.

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