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Advantages of Stainless-Steel Access Doors

Selecting the best access door for your needs is not as simple as it may seem. You’ll need to evaluate various characteristics that’ll suit your needs, including the size of the access panel, where you plan to use it, and how much you’re willing to spend.  

Some access doors are designed specifically for a particular use case. In contrast, other access panels may be better suited to residential purposes. Many people struggle with this decision, so here is an article to help you decide if a stainless-steel access door is right for you.  

Stainless Steel Vs. Regular Steel  

Regular steel is susceptible to rust. Steel’s corrosion problem is due to the iron oxide film that forms when you expose it to air and moisture. Iron oxide is an active substance that increases corrosion by creating more iron oxide on the steel’s surface.  

In contrast, stainless steel is more rust-resistant since it contains 10% or more chromium by weight. Stainless steel’s chromium content forms a layer of chromium oxide, which is unreactive and prevents corrosion.   

Benefits of Stainless Steel  

Because of the inherent non-corrosive property of stainless steel, it has a long lifespan making it perfect to endure harsher environments where you need the durability of steel without it quickly rusting.  

Additionally, stainless steel is non-porous. The non-porous property of stainless-steel means that bacteria and germs cannot penetrate the surface. If you combine this property of stainless steel with regular cleaning schedules, maintaining sanitation becomes easy. It’s a blend of these two characteristics that make it an excellent material for kitchen and medical equipment.   

Stainless Steel Access Doors  

If the property of stainless-steel sounds like an enticing option for you, there’s likely an access panel that’ll fit your strategy. Below are some of the options for you to choose from:  

  • General Purpose   

Commercial kitchens need many support utilities to keep them running. Gas lines, water pipes, and electrical lines are just some of the utilities you’ll have to tidy up, and you’ll need an access door to maintain these quickly. In cases of emergency, you’ll need a fast way to shut off the gas supply, so having an easy-open access door is necessary.  

Standard access doors won’t cut in these cases, as plenty of contaminants, such as grease and food bits, can build up on the walls. Thankfully, an access door such as the touch-latch stainless steel access doors. Your clients will appreciate the ease of cleaning that this access door provides.  

  • Cleanrooms  

Cleanrooms are some of the most challenging projects you could handle. Your client is counting on you to create a near-perfect room seal to prevent contaminants from leaking into the cleanroom. To add to this, they’ll most likely be using a lot of disinfectants and cleaning solutions, and all access doors must handle these two basic requirements.   

Stainless steel offers the perfect solution to this conundrum. It’s durable enough to handle all the sanitizer without rusting. Another compelling property of stainless steel is the prevention of static build-up. This anti-static element means contaminants such as dust and bacteria have a more challenging time sticking to their surface, making cleaning easier.  

  • Exterior  

For exterior wall applications, stainless steel access doors make perfect sense. Access doors for outdoor use need to survive constant exposure to the elements. In addition, it’ll also prevent access to unauthorized personnel. Here, the natural corrosion resistance and durability of stainless steel are perfect.  

These unique access doors have been designed to handle severe outdoor conditions and last for many years. It’ll also likely have a rust-inhibiting powder finish, a watertight seal, and some type of insulation, ensuring the access door will protect critical infrastructure.  

Stainless Steel is Adaptable  

Stainless steel is quite resilient and versatile for access door construction. So, when you’re looking for an access door, try weighing the benefits that stainless steel can bring and see if it’s worth it for you.   

Many business owners already benefit from using stainless steel, so ensure you equip your next project with only the best stainless steel access door. 

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