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Cleaning Outdoor Areas When Moving Out – Patio, Balcony, and Yard

Moving out of a rented property can be pretty stressful. Your tenancy deposit can be used as a penalty if you forget the unexpected places that need cleaning or don’t handle the entire task correctly.

Many tenants make it to clean the property perfectly well but fail during the final inventory check. What they forget to do is to take care of the outdoor space.

Unfortunately, most people who live on rent think they are not responsible for the final purge in the garden or even the balcony. All of these open spaces should be included in your end of tenancy cleaning routine.

And it’s great that you are reading this now because if you follow the next move out cleaning tips, you will definitely get your tenancy deposit back.

Lawn and Garden Cleaning Tips

If you used to live in a rented house with a great garden, you should mow the grass and put it back in its presentable condition.

Those who had the gardening maintenance in their weekly housekeeping routine will not have any issues. They should only remove the wigs, bushes, and garbage.

But if you were lazy and careless about lawn and garden support for all those years, prepare for a tough job. You might have to cut the shrubbery, pull the weeds and remove the grass stains from the outdoor furniture.

Patio, Veranda and Decking Cleaning Is a Must

Yes, these chores are parts of your top-to-bottom end of tenancy cleaning plan. It’s critical to be hard-working in the outdoors, too.

If you have no skills or knowledge of how to manage these exterior areas, here are some hacks for you:

  • Patio. Start with decent de-cluttering and go on with fine dry sweeping. Then, proceed with some wet disinfection. If you have to, seal the stone and concrete surfaces.
  • Veranda. You will avoid damage if you sanitise the veranda with mild cleaning detergents. We suggest washing the glass and aluminium surfaces with a pH-neutral cleanser. Please pay attention to the textiles by inspecting them for stains and foul odours that should be removed.
  • Decking. Sanitise the deck deeply. Pressure washing is a good alternative as you will remove the most stubborn stains and mould. Please, don’t forget to take aside the furniture in advance.

Pool Cleaning Step-by-Step Guide

Living in a house with a swimming pool and the outdoors was awesome, right? Now, you should put yourself in the excellent cleaner’s shoes to clean it from top to bottom. Everything has its price, isn’t it?

Before getting frustrated about the swimming pool disinfection, have a look at our step-by-step guide below. It will help you clean the pool as a pro:

  • Remove the debris first;
  • Then, simply shock the swimming pool;
  • Get a decent soft brush and scribe until the last stubborn stain remains in the past;
  • Vacuum the swimming pool thoroughly;
  • Get the swimming pool filter out and disinfect it properly (pre-soaking is a good hack if you haven’t washed it for a while).
  • You can hire cleaning services if all these tasks seem too tedious.

Don’t Forget Bins and Garbage Disposal Cleaning

Like inside the property, any garbage should be left outdoors.

When you dispose of the inner bins, grab the bins from the garden, too. Don’t forget to eliminate any sign of grim and dirt from the outdoors.

By all means, your landlord will check out the garbage disposals. And if they are full, your tenancy deposit will be fully withheld.

Include House Exterior and Window Cleaning in Your Routine

Did you just finish with the deep end of tenancy cleaning inside the property? Well done!

Now get some fresh air outside and check out the property’s exterior condition. It’s not as clean as the interior is, is it? It’s time for some extra harsh sanitising, then.

The fence, the garden furniture, the roof, the swing installed for kids – all of these should be wiped, dusted and disinfected deeply.

And here’s one more thing many tenants forget before moving out: windows should also be cleaned from the outside.

Profound and Thorough Balcony Cleaning

The bad news for all tenants looking forward to moving out is that in 90% of the cases, they forget the balcony end of tenancy cleaning. The good news now – it’s very easy to sanitise the balcony.

On the first side, it looks dirty indeed (especially if being with expansive windows opened all the time). However, sometimes just an ordinary sweeping and a few minutes of dusting after washing the stains are enough to put this living zone back in its primary top condition.

Final Cleaning Tips and Techniques To Have in Mind

Don’t close this page yet. We have more to tell and help you with your outdoor end of tenancy cleaning routine.

Please, put these tricks somewhere in your moving checklist and have those in mind if a stain gets your nerves out or you are incapable of washing something in the garden:

  • Like on the inside, clean from top to bottom the exterior;
  • Don’t apply white vinegar on natural wooden pieces of furniture (instead, use some mild dishwashing detergent);
  • The garage is a part of the outdoor end of tenancy cleaning procedure (when you de-clutter and get your things and car out, it will not be so challenging to handle);
  • The hidden spots outdoors are the priority zones for the landlord during the inventory check;
  • If the garden furniture is clean enough, avoid spoiling them by putting a cover while sanitising around the garden, the yard and the swimming pool;
  • Don’t hesitate to make minor repairs if you see any damage caused by your family.


The detailed and full end of tenancy cleaning is the perfect end.

The property perimeter includes the landscape, the garden, and the swimming pool, so they are significant elements of your top-to-bottom moving out disinfection routine. Have them in mind not to have any problems at the inventory check.

Those who forget to clean the patio, the garden, and you name it can rely on professionals at the last minute.

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