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Cleaning Different Types of Home Fences

No matter what material your fences are made from, there are effective ways to clean them! Whether your wooden fence is trapping moisture and growing mold, or your vinyl fence is covered in scuff marks, it’s not a difficult job to keep your fence sparkling clean.

How to clean a vinyl fence

Luckily, vinyl fences are pretty easy to clean. It won’t take you much time to restore your vinyl fence to its former glory! You should start by removing any excess dirt and grime with a hose. Try using a high-pressure nozzle or even a pressure washer if you’re looking for instant results with this step.

If your vinyl fence is still dirty after being hosed down, you can work with a magic eraser. Simply wet the eraser, squeeze out the excess water, and begin wiping your vinyl fence. If your eraser gets covered in mud, you can cut the edges off and start over. For best results, try to wait to attempt this process for a clear day with low humidity.

The third way to clean your vinyl fence is with a solution of bleach and water. But take note – you might want to avoid this if you have a non-white fence because you might bleach the colors! Mix a little bleach with water and scrub away with the resulting solution.

How to clean a wooden fence

Wooden fences can be cleaned in much the same way as vinyl fences, but you should be on the lookout for mold, mildew or green algae which are susceptible to grow on wooden fences away from much sunlight.

If using a garden hose doesn’t do the trick, you should resort to your solution of bleach and water to kill the mold, mildew or algae on your wooden fence. This will also help to clean any other grime that may be present. Be careful though – bleach can kill your grass, flowers and other vegetation, so be sure to cover the rest of your yard.

Once you’re done, you can paint your wooden fence with a sealer after a couple of days to better protect it from the elements. Re-painting the fencing may be more time consuming than desired, so it’s not necessary to do this every time you deep clean a fence. After the fence is dry, observe the results and determine if a paint job may help.

How to clean a steel fence

If your fence is made from a high quality metal like steel, you should avoid pressure washing. Spraying water at high pressures will only erode the protective layer on the metal, leaving it wide open to future corrosion. If your steel is painted, a pressure washer is also likely to chip away at the paint job.

Steel fences are best cleaned by hand with a solution of dish detergent and water. Grab your cloth and wipe away any dirt and debris on your fence, before using a toothbrush to reach any tricky areas!

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