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Unexpected Places in Your House That Need Cleaning

Cleaning your house is a technical task, and if you don’t have the right places to look for, not cleaning effort can save your home from being dirty and smelly. While most people focus on the main high-traffic areas, some places often get overlooked. Below I have mentioned 6 such sites with help from Glimmr Cardiff that you should clean today.

Kitchen trash cans

Have you ever faced foul odor in your kitchen after cleaning the trash? Well, that odor might be coming from the trash can itself. Though the cans work as a receptor for trash, over time, they can get dirty with food debris and other things, resulting in bacteria lurking around the trash can. So, before that happens, don’t forget to clean the trash can thoroughly now and then.

Carpets at home

Carpets uplift the look, comfort, and warmth of the house. However, when it comes to cleaning them, it often gets overlooked. Below our feet, carpets can be where all the dust and allergens around your house can pile up. So, if you don’t want this massive “air filter,” aka carpets, to ruin your household silently, you should clean it routinely.

High-touch surfaces

You’ll probably see some places around your house get touched pretty often if you notice closely. These places/surfaces include your door knobs, the handles o your kitchen appliances, the remote, or the electric switches around the house. Because of these frequent touches, you probably won’t see any visible dust. However, these places can be full of germs and allergens and therefore spread disease.

Air vents and fan blades

Most people overlook these two places because of their location, like carpets. As they stay above our heads and, most of the time, stay out of sight, people don’t realize how quickly these places can get layers of dust. For example, dust on your fan blade can affect the fan speed, stress the motor, and generate less air. In the same way, the air vent can get clogged, hampering the airflow and spreading dust around the house.


Yes, the dishwasher is one of the handiest home appliances out there. But have you ever thought that a dishwasher needs its cleaning too? Without proper cleaning, the inside of your dishwasher can quickly become the breeding ground for bacteria and germs. As a result, your dishes or food can get contaminated by a dirty dishwasher. So, before that mishap, don’t forget to clean the dishwasher routinely.

Under the furniture and appliances

I think this is one place every reader here will agree on. Whether it’s the furniture or kitchen appliances, most people don’t care about cleaning them as the dust down there is not in sight. However, as the dust keeps piling up there, it can spread through your house and ruin your cleaning efforts. Also, it becomes much more challenging when you got to clean them after long intervals. So, before that happens, ensure you thoroughly clean those areas.

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