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How to Clean Downspouts: A Guide to Help Keep Your Gutters Debris-Free

Downspouts and gutters can be a daunting task to keep clean when you are on a budget. As water inevitably starts to build up on the roof, gutter bag, and areas of your house, you’ll need to start thinking about cleaning the debris that accumulates.

It’s not a bad idea to have a routine with professionals to help keep everything cleaned out. Cleaning gutters is a chore that requires time and effort. What are some tips and tricks you can use to clean gutters yourself?

Look no further for a guide to help you keep up with how to clean downspouts.

Collect Your Cleaning Supplies

The first step in gutter cleaning is preparing a ladder, garden hose, drill, and screwdriver, as well as a gutter scoop and pail. Make sure the ladder is placed in a stable position before you climb up. You’ll also need rubber gloves and a face mask to protect yourself from dust and materials you may be exposed to while cleaning.

Most importantly, a good pair of safety goggles should be worn to protect your eyes in case any pieces of gunk or debris come loose and fly up in the air. Make sure your ladder, hose, and other supplies are properly secured and ready to use.

Execute Safety Measures

Safety measures such as wearing protective clothing like a type of gloves, eyewear, and masks should be firmly observed. Furthermore, it is beneficial to recruit somebody else to hold the ladder while working and inspect it to ensure it is secured properly.

It is also important to clear away any debris below the downspouts or gutters before beginning the task. Even though using a blower is a great way to remove lightweight debris, simply using a garden hose or a ladder may be necessary.

Check Other Areas of the Gutter System

This includes inspecting gutters, downspouts, and splash pans for any loose or twisted parts. It’s also important to check the flashing to ensure there are not any leaky areas around the downspout or at the intersections of roofing materials.

After ensuring everything is properly secured and there is no leaking, move on to debris removal from the gutters. Light debris can be removed with a trowel or garden spade. Harder debris may require a power washer, broom, or ladder for easy access.

Maintain a Regular Scheduled Cleaning

Regularly cleaning downspouts is an important part of gutters maintenance. To begin, inspect the downspouts for any debris build-up. If needed, use a plumbing snake or a garden hose to flush any debris clipped to the inside walls. Additionally, be sure to check for holes or cracks that may be causing an obstruction.

Lastly, you should check all of the connections to ensure a proper water flow. Make sure to keep up a regular maintenance schedule, performing preventative measures and cleaning your gutters and downspouts at least twice a year.

Learn How To Clean Downspouts

Regular maintenance and knowing how to clean downspouts, combined with occasional cleaning and unclogging, will help to keep your gutters debris-free and your home safe from water damage. Don’t forget to take care of your gutters and inspect them regularly.

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