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Apartment Cleaning Checklist Before You Unpack

Congratulations on your new apartment! But you must look around and see the condition before you unpack. Even if everything looks good to the naked eye, there are some places in your apartment that you must clean. So, here is a checklist from Tidyhere Boston that you should follow before unpacking anything.

Clean From the Ceiling

Before you unpack anything, you should clean your apartment from top to bottom. You should start from the ceiling. The reason is quite simple. When you clean the ceiling, ceiling fans, fixtures, etc., the dust will fall on the floor, which you can wipe later.

Then eventually, collect all the dust and clean your entire flooring. If you have a covered floor, make sure you vacuum-clean it, and also, make sure your vacuum cleaner is durable and uses the right type of battery. This way, dust, wipe, or mop your entire apartment.

Clean the Closets & Cabinets

Next, you should focus on the closets and cabinets of your apartment. It’s expected these hidden places are not properly cleaned. Some of them also might have crotches. So, inspect them closely.

Dust out every corner and mop them with baking soda and a white vinegar mixture. You can also use disinfectant for safety. Then you may put some lining shelves with decorative papers. It makes the closets look good, easy to clean, and covers any stains or marks.

Change Your Toilet Seat

Guess what? Every day you’ll spend a lot of time sitting on your toilet seat. And you definitely wouldn’t want to sit on the previous tenant’s toilet seat. So, you must replace all your toilet seats as soon as you move in.

Removing the old seats will give your toilet a nice makeover, and your whole bathroom will look good. Most importantly, you will sit comfortably without any hesitations.

Disinfect All You Bathrooms

Bathroom hygiene is directly related to your health. If you have a clean bathroom, you will have a healthy life. So, you should be concerned about your bathroom before you unpack anything. Make sure every corner of each bathroom is disinfected.

You don’t know about the previous tenants and how they used their bathrooms. So, it’s wise to ensure you have no threats from your bathroom. Clean the toilets, bathtubs, sinks, and everything you have inside the bathrooms.

Wipe Clean Your Appliances

You should be cleaning all your appliances as soon as you move in. You are going to use them regularly. Your fridges, ovens, washers, dishwashers, and every other appliance should be squeaky clean before you put anything inside.

Simply use baking soda or white vinegar to clean them. Run an empty cycle in your washer and dishwasher to clean them. You have to clean the refrigerators and ovens with microfiber cloths. You can also disinfect them as they are bacteria-prone.

Clean the Windows & Doors

Do not forget to clean all your windows and doors before unpacking anything. These places often hide a lot of dust and germs. So make sure you clean the frame and the glass.

You can clean them using microfiber cloths and baking soda & vinegar mixture. Do not forget to clean the screens.

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