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The Pros and Cons of a Garage Door with a Pedestrian Door

If you’re wondering whether it’s worthwhile to invest in a garage door with an attached pedestrian door, you’ve come to the right place. Indeed, having a pedestrian door is definitely worthwhile in some layouts, such as when garages are located in a house’s basement, making regular steel access doors (36″ x 78″) next to or on the side of the garage impossible.

For commercial and industrial garage doors, pedestrian doors are also available. Naturally, opening a small access door saves more energy than opening a large industrial garage door. The dimensions of pedestrian doors vary, but they are typically 32 x 78 inches. To ensure a solid door system structure, we recommend investing in a garage door injected with polyurethane insulation. The thickness of the garage door should be between 1.375 and 2 inches.

You’ve probably seen images of pedestrian doors on garages before. They look great and appear to be very convenient, so people have taken to posting galleries of them all over the Internet.

“Instead of opening that big door to get into the garage, I could just walk through a much smaller one,” the rationale behind pedestrian doors appears to be.

Pros of Pedestrian Doors

  • If your garage is in your basement, having a pedestrian door installed can be useful, especially if you have a double garage door.
  • Because there may not be enough side space for a standard access door in densely populated urban areas, pedestrian doors should be installed. You should, however, keep your belongings out of sight.
  • If you use your garage for storage rather than parking your car, a pedestrian door can be useful in the event of a power outage. In the future, should you be looking to rent parking space near your home, simply visit parkingcupid.com.
  • People mistakenly believe that an alternate entrance to your garage door is required in the event of a prolonged power outage. That, however, is not the case. Even if you have a garage door opener, you can easily unplug it and manually open your garage door with one hand.
  • Homes with few exterior doors can benefit from any additional safety egress. While garage doors do move up and down to allow you to exit on foot, they are slow in an emergency and loud enough to alert an intruder. A separate pedestrian egress from the garage is a critical safety feature.
  • It may be impossible for you to install a separate egress for pedestrians in your garage for a variety of reasons. Not every home can accommodate, whether due to structural or space constraints. That’s when a garage door with pedestrian access comes in handy.

Pedestrian Door Cons

  • The primary disadvantage of investing in a pedestrian door is the cost of installation. To avoid major damage to the garage door, you must have the door and safety system installed. A single walk-through door installation can cost as much as a full garage door system without the walk-through door.
  • If your garage door has an electric garage door opener, your door system must include a device that prevents the remote from activating the door opener while the pedestrian door is open.
  • Walk-through doors cannot be installed on any door of any size. The width must be at least 8 feet. Furthermore, the placement of rectangles on a door with a rectangular embossed design is limited.
  • Your garage door emboss will be less appealing to the eye and will not add as much curb appeal to your home.
  • Finally, the more openings you put in a garage door for whatever reason, the less energy efficient it will be. If insulation and waterproofing are important to you, you’ll have to choose between that and the pedestrian door.


The Garage Door Centre sells and installs pedestrian access garage doors, which are an excellently innovative product that can help you save time and energy while also providing a safe and appealing point of entry to your home.

A pedestrian door (or wicket door) built into your garage door is a very practical solution for anyone who frequently visits their garage on foot or owns a house with an entrance from inside the garage itself, which is common in many ‘mews’ style properties.

The garage is frequently used for anything other than a vehicle by the majority of people, which means that the door must now be a part of that modern solution while also providing good security levels, insulation, and weather sealing.

There are several options for pedestrian doors in garage doors, which typically depend on three factors: the size, material, and type of door mechanism required.

The ability to enter the garage from the driveway without having to open the entire garage door is the first significant feature of the pedestrian access garage door. As a result, you no longer have to go through the trouble of opening the entire door and then locking and unlocking it.

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