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Should you rent a self-storage unit? The ultimate guide

You might have passed by storage units before and wondered why would anyone store their belongings somewhere other than their house? In case you are about to take a critical moving decision in your life and you are not sure about renting a self-storage unit, then here are some points to consider that will help you understand why storage units are there and whether it is suitable for you or not.

Why rent a storage Unit

Sometimes the storage units are used for extra space however in many cases they are used for traveling purposes. For example, if someone travels across the country using an RV and does not want to pay rent for that year, they would temporarily keep their stuff in a storage unit so they can cut on rent costs. In other cases, it might be used for seasonal storage like for Christmas and Halloween decorations, or for seasonal clothing. For example, if it’s summer and you have tight closet space, you can put your winter jackets and scarves in storage temporarily until winter comes again. In some cases, if a house is under renovation, storage units are used to store the existing furniture so it is protected from possible damages back at home. And in other cases, when a divorce or breakup happens between couples, a temporary storage unit is used so that one of the couples can store their stuff there until they sort out their things. These are some of the most common reasons why these units come in handy.

How does it work

Most storage facilities operate similarly. Depending on where you live, once you have located a storage facility nearby, you can check the options offered along with the costs and the space allocated, once you agree on the rent terms and conditions, you sign a contract, and your items are then kept in a storage facility in a space called a storage unit. Although some businesses demand a three-month minimum, you can still find some who provide month-to-month storage rentals.

Alternative Possible Solutions

If you are moving to a smaller space and you are afraid it will not fit your items, then think of smart space saving solutions that you can apply. There are many interior design tricks that you can invest in to gain extra space and thus not spend on storage units. Additionally, you will have your items within your proximity rather than having to drive to get something when needed. Another temporary solution could be to store your items with a friend if they do have extra space. Or in other cases, you might simply just need to do a decluttering exercise. Ask yourself if you need all of the items that you are paying to store or not. In many cases, you might think that you need them but then end up paying for their storage and never using them again. So before you save them, make sure that you need them.

So.. is it for you?

If you have a big house and you still feel the need to have additional storage space, then ask yourself why are you buying more items than your house can fit.

In determining whether opting for a storage unit is the best solution for you, think about the situation you are in and evaluate your decision accordingly: for instance, if you are traveling for long term, and you do not wish to sell your household items, then for sure give it a try until you know where you are going to be settling. In case you are moving to a smaller space temporarily, then also you should consider it as you do not want to have any regrets later on. If you have a big house and you still feel the need to have additional storage space, then ask yourself why are you buying more items than your house can fit. And accordingly, take the decision of either eliminating items or donating them, or going for the safe option of storing them.

In today’s highly consumer-centered world with its ever-changing situations, storage units are there to help you make your future decisions so it is great to have that option to use when it comes down to it.

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