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How Unarmed Security Keeps You Safe

Security is always a great idea to protect your business or property. It helps keep you safe while assuring others that their safety is your top priority. As such, many people often believe that armed security is always the most effective. This may be true where the threat level is higher, and attack attempts may be made anytime. More often, however, unarmed security is better suited to the particular situation and safety demands.

Unarmed security provided by a security company Denver ensures your safety needs are met without needing armed assistance. They are able to identify threats and prevent lethal incidents from occurring, all without the use of force or violence. There are many situations where unarmed security can serve you better than armed personnel.

The Pros of Unarmed Security

Our unarmed Denver security guard is easy enough to spot, as they often support some type of uniform. This makes it easy to recognize security when someone needs help and to deter a potential crime. Some of the ways unarmed security is better than armed security include:

They are alert and ready to act

Unarmed guards are trained to be on the lookout for trouble at all times. It is their job to keep an eye on things and maintain peace. In the event of trouble, they are able to call for backup while ensuring everyone stays safe. Their main goal, however, is to implement security strategies that deter crime rather than enforce corrective protocols after it occurs.

A Westminster security guard will, for example, organize regular patrols and create a comprehensive security strategy. Policies for intervention and crime prevention are created to ensure the team is always ready to respond to any situation. One of the major aims of having unarmed security is that there is no room for surprises, which might be extremely dangerous.

Provide assurance to all stakeholders

Having identifiable security personnel around is a great comfort to the people in the area. They have someone to rely on and know where they can get help if and when needed. It also deters many individuals from causing trouble, significantly reducing the threat level.

People like to know they are safe at any given time, and unarmed security provides that assurance. They can be relied on as trained individuals to carry out protective duties efficiently. Unarmed security also often carry some type of disciplinary weapons, such as a baton or taser, in the case of an emergency.

They can quickly de-escalate situations

Building and property security isn’t always about preventing crime. More often than not, the greatest threats can be agitated individuals escalating a simple issue. In such an instance, an armed response would only fuel the fire and lead to an even worse situation. A more appropriate response would be for unarmed guards to mediate.

With their training, unarmed personnel is able to de-escalate situations without the need for force or violence. Such actions also ensure peace and calm among the other people around, who may otherwise panic when weapons are used. Unarmed guards know how to prevent that; alternatively, they are prepared to take action when the situations cannot be handled peacefully.

Hiring Unarmed Security

Businesses and properties in the Colorado area need to look no further than Frontier Security Guard and Patrol to hire highly-trained security. Our unarmed guards are trained to handle conflict, prevent the loss, and execute emergency protocols when needed.

Not all businesses or events require armed guards, but it is good to have security around as a precaution. Our Denver security guard can provide that peace of mind, helping you stay safe and secure.

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