Landscaping Maintenance Tips for Lush Lawns and Fresh Flowers

It’s clear that a well-cared-for lawn has many benefits. But what if you’re new to gardening? How can you make sure you’re doing it right?

Haining Lawn and Garden can be trusted to provide your property with whatever landscaping maintenance is needed, no matter how new you are to the world of gardening. With us by your side, you can be sure that your investment will pay off!

But why wait to have us help your property look beautiful? Without further ado, here are a few basic garden and lawn maintenance tips to keep your lush lawn and your flower bed gorgeous.

Regular Mowing

o keep your grass at the correct height, a mower should be used to cut no more than 1/3 of the blade of grass at any given time. The optimal cutting pattern should also vary, allowing different parts of the lawn to “breathe” and get the sunlight they need. Additionally, a sharp blade should be used to ensure a clean cut and avoid any tearing or damage to plants or grass.

Regular mowing can also contribute to a healthy flowering landscape by preventing weeds from growing. A neat and well-manicured lawn will not only look attractive but will provide a safe place for plants to thrive. To avoid soil compaction, it is important to regularly change mowing patterns and to evenly distribute the clippings on the lawn.

Adequate Watering

Excessive or inadequate watering both lead to turf problems like insect damage and fungal infections. To help protect your beautiful landscape, it is important to water deeply and often enough to keep the soil moist. The amount will depend on the location, weather, and season, with more frequent watering for hot, dry weather, and less frequent watering for cooler and wetter conditions.

Be sure to avoid frequent light watering as this can cause shallow root systems and drought stress to foliage. For best results, water in the early morning hours when it is cooler and there is less evaporation.


Applying fertilizer on a regular basis helps turf grass and flower beds stay healthy and robust. During the growing season, apply a slow-release fertilizer once a month, in addition to spot-treating troubled areas with a fast-release fertilizer. High-quality, nutrient-dense fertilizers will ensure that your lawn and flower beds receive adequate nutrition, and ensure that weeds are kept at bay.

When applying fertilizer, always water it into the soil so that the fertilizers are absorbed properly. Avoid applying too much fertilizer, as overfertilization can overwhelm your lawn and flower beds, leading to damage, discoloration, and pest problems.

Regular Inspections

Ensuring your sprinklers are functioning and spraying properly will help ensure your plants are getting the adequate water and nutrients they need to grow and thrive. Sprinkler repair may need to be done if your system isn’t watering consistently, or if there is a clog or broken pipes in the system.

Depending on your particular landscape design, you may need to adjust the length or frequency of watering as well. Yearly maintenance and inspections to ensure the system is functioning will reduce costly repairs and keep your lawn, plants, and flowers healthy.

Landscaping Maintenance Tips

Use these landscaping maintenance tips to tend to your garden and gain the satisfaction of a beautiful yard. For an extra finishing touch, add a few colorful flowers in the garden for a personalized landscape. So, take control of your yard and make it your own paradise – start with these landscaping maintenance tips!

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