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Cleaning a Furnace: Tips, Tricks, and Easy Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re one of the 46% of homes that use natural gas, then you have to take care of it properly. If you don’t, then it won’t run as efficiently or cleanly as it should.

With that in mind, let’s look at some crucial cleaning a furnace tips, tricks, and mistakes that you should try to avoid. Read on to learn!

Turn off the Power

It is essential to turn off the power to the furnace before any cleaning. The best way to do this is to find the main switch for the system and turn it off.

You should also double-check to make sure that the system is not receiving any power from the wall plug or the breaker panel. This is important because it prevents electrical problems when connecting or disconnecting furnace components.

It is also important to remember to wear gloves, long sleeves, and protective eyewear when cleaning the furnace to avoid cuts and burns. Once the power is off, and you are properly protected, you can begin cleaning the furnace.

Use the Right Tools

When it comes to cleaning a furnace, using the right tools is essential for safety and efficiency. Start by making sure you have all the necessary tools, such as a vacuum and protective goggles. If you are unfamiliar with the tools and equipment, research them to make sure you have the correct ones.

Along with the tools, use only the necessary supplies, such as furnace cleaner and furnace filter. Using the wrong supplies can damage the furnace and cause serious harm to the user. Make sure to read directions and use proper safety equipment and clothing, such as face masks and gloves.

Finally, make sure to store the tools and supplies properly when finished to avoid accidents and ensure a safe working environment. Using the right tools, supplies, and safety gear when cleaning a furnace is key to ensuring a successful and efficient job.

Remove Debris

To keep your furnace running safely and efficiently, it is important to clean out the debris regularly. Always turn off the furnace and disconnect the power source before beginning the cleaning process. Then, use a vacuum to clean out any debris from the interior of the furnace, being sure to pay attention to the blower wheel, air filter, and ductwork.

From there, access the furnace’s blower assembly and clean any dirt or dust from the wheel, housing, and motor. Keep in mind that the wheel may need to be removed and replaced for a thorough and safe cleaning. Finally, reinstall the wheel and return all components to their original locations before proceeding with any further maintenance or cleaning.

Replace Filters

When it comes to cleaning a furnace, replacing the filters is an important step. To ensure your furnace is running efficiently and free from particles, it’s a good idea to change out your filters at least every few months.

Take out the old filter and replace it with a new one that fits your system’s specifications. Pay close attention to any instructions or diagrams included with the new filter for proper installation.

To avoid costly mistakes and ensure your furnace remains in top condition, make sure the filter is fitted correctly and snugly against the furnace wall.

Check the Blower

Keep an eye on your blower when it comes to furnace cleaning. The blower is the fan that handles pushing heated air throughout the home. To clean it, turn off the power to your furnace and then use a soft brush to remove dirt and debris from the grills.

Additionally, check for any other blockages or damage to the blower. It is important to note that the blower should be oiled periodically to ensure optimal performance. If you’re not comfortable performing this cleaning yourself, make sure to call out a professional for help. Finally, avoid using water near any electrical components, as it can lead to failure or even a fire.

Check the Ducts

When checking the ducts of a furnace, you must be vigilant and careful. If a duct is cracked, improperly sealed, or disconnected, it can lead to a loss of energy efficiency, a decrease in air quality, and an unsafe environment. To ensure the ducts are operating properly, first turn off the furnace, then inspect the ducts for debris, dust, holes, and other damages.

Make sure to clean out the debris and take steps to fix any damaged sections of the ducts. If there are any loose fittings or disconnected parts, these should be replaced or reconnected as soon as possible.

Lastly, contact your local furnace repair service to check the furnace filters and replace them if needed.

Avoid Mistakes

When conducting furnace maintenance, it is important to avoid common mistakes in order to ensure proper maintenance and safety. For starters, make sure to turn off the power and gas supply to the furnace before you begin to clean. Dirty filters and clogged air ducts can reduce the efficiency of the furnace and cause it to overwork, leading to more wear and tear.

Also, be sure to use the correct brush bristles and vacuum attachments for the type of furnace you’re cleaning in order to avoid damaging the unit. Finally, any cleaning chemicals used must be non-corrosive and must not contain bleach, as this could corrode the parts of the furnace and lead to costly repairs.

Paying attention to these details will ensure that your furnace stays in good condition for a long time.

Start Cleaning a Furnace Today

It takes patience, but following these cleaning a furnace tips and tricks will ensure a safe and effective experience. Always ensure you are wearing the right safety equipment and following the manufacturer’s instructions.

It’s also recommended to contact an HVAC technician if the furnace needs any more extensive cleaning. Don’t forget that regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to an energy-efficient home – so start today!

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