A Quick Guide to Create Aquatic Playgrounds For Kids with Vortex

One of the most popular attractions amongst kids today is aquatic playgrounds. You will witness increased numbers across theme parks, community spaces, commercial centers, and more.

Water play is highly stimulating and fun for kids, and physical activity helps them exert their energy in the best way possible.

If you see the potential of aquatic playgrounds, you must first look for a trustworthy company in this category.

Vortex is currently a market leader in aquatic playgrounds, splash pads, and other aquatic recreational equipment.

But even before that, it is highly recommended that you do your research and learn about the process of creating an aquatic playground for kids.

Decide Your Budget 

Start with deciding the budget you want to allot to this project. Also, explore the funding options that are available to you.

The budget can help you fix the limitations of the project as well as its scale. Once you fix the budget, you will quickly figure out:

  • How much money to raise or arrange?
  • What size of splash pad you’ll need?
  • What equipment can you buy within your price range?

This is more like a planning stage. You can get the right people onboard. Also, look for the available resources at hand that can help you.

Check with your community, governments, and philanthropists to see whether they can offer grants. Don’t forget to add additional costs and miscellaneous expenses to your account.

Look For the Space

Before you get to the designing or development phase, it is better first to check the available space.

You need to ensure a few things when it comes to space for aquatic playgrounds:

  • Are you creating an aquatic playground at an existing establishment, like a daycare, or is it an entirely new establishment?
  • Does the selected space have access to a dedicated electrical water supply? Can you get a storm drain within 10 inches of the aquatic manifold?
  • What space constraints do you have?

You also have to see how you can maximize the pay value while minimizing the project’s overall footprint.

Depending upon the space you secure, you need to choose equipment that fits within what you have.

Selecting the Features 

An aquatic playground is as good as the number of features it offers to people. But more features mean more cost.

And as you’ve already decided on your budget, you need to go for the features that suit your budget and your requirements.

For example, you would like to offer some inground spray features in your aquatic playground.

Ground-level spray feature sends streams of water high in the air. Children love to play with these streams.

Then, there are softer water streams ideal for toddlers to have fun. You would want a variety of such streams to keep kids engaged.

Some splash pads have more features, such as dumping buckets, water cannons, and flower showers.

There are also commercial-grade water park equipment types that you can consider if budget and scale allow you.

Choosing the Water Management System

Once you have figured out how much space you have and what features you want, you must choose the type of aquatic playground for your splash pad.

And this depends upon what water management system you pick for your aquatic playground. There are primarily of three types to choose from:

  • Drain-Away System: This is the most common type since 75% of water parks have a drain-away system. In this system, water is used only once and then drained out.
  • Recirculating: Of the remaining water systems, around 25% are recirculating aquatic playgrounds. These ones recycle and reuse water but are more expensive.
  • Hybrid: This one is relatively new, and it collects the water after being used in a tank, where it is further used for other beneficial purposes such as irrigation.

It is time to create the most magical play area for kids to enjoy with premium quality and safe design.

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