Your Guide to Modern Style Garage Doors That Boost Your Home’s Value

Are you looking to make a nest for yourself in your own home? Do you want to make your home a haven?

Homeowners often tackle interior updates, but they often overlook the exterior. While there may be plenty you can do to your interior, you need to focus your efforts on your exterior as well.

This includes the garage, not just the front door. You need to focus on the modern style garage doors. In doing so, you can make your home stand out and fetch a better resale value if you need to relocate.

Want to know more? Then read on to find out what you need to know about garage doors.

Raised-Panel Doors

Raised panel doors are a popular modern garage door style that adds a traditional, aesthetically pleasing look to homes while providing great durability. Raised panel doors have overlapping panels recessed in a “5 groove” pattern, creating a unique design. The multi-layer construction adds strength and insulation, protecting against the elements, no matter what the season.

With its beautiful look and durability, a raised panel garage door can increase home value by giving it an updated, stylish look. Installation and garage door repair services here are easy, thanks to their simple design.

Carriage Doors

Carriage doors are the perfect entryway for those wanting to add modern style to their garage doors. Carriage doors give off a charming yet updated look to any home. These garage doors open up and move outwardly on their horizontal tracks, adding a unique contrast to the rest of your house.

Generally, they’re made of either wood or steel to offer extra protection and stability. When it comes to adding color or wood selection to your carriage doors, the possibilities are endless. Paint, stain, or wood stain can all be used to create a classic yet modern look to boost the overall value of your home. These doors are also low maintenance, making them a popular choice among those wanting a stylish and effortless solution.

Contemporary Slab Doors

These sleek, low-maintenance garage designs feature an attractive profile with the added strength and durability of aluminum or steel material. With contemporary slab doors, you’ll get a modern look that will complement any residential facade. These new designs feature multi-colored panels, smooth surfaces, and special insulation, designed to boost curb appeal as much as energy efficiency and climate control.

They’re often available with a range of innovative and attractive features, including impact resistant door panels and extras like insulated glass, decorative hinges, and weather stripping that can reduce sound from the exterior.

Modern Style Garage Doors to Choose From

Modern style garage doors are an excellent addition to boost any home’s value. They come in a variety of colors and styles, ensuring that there is something for everyone. When choosing a new garage door, make sure to consider design, functionality, and budget to find the perfect addition to your home. To get started, contact a professional garage door installer today!

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Infographic created by Danley’s, a garage services company

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